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Natalia Clarke Psychotherapy Service

Uxbridge, Greater London (Hillingdon), UB9 6PF
Phone: +447710490239
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Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Harefield, Uxbridge can help you:

- feel held, received, respected and listened to in difficult times
- gain insight into your experiences, feelings and behaviour
- experience a safe and supportive space solely for you to explore your thoughts and feelings
- feel more confident in a relationship with yourself and others
- gain a better understanding of patterns in your life and allow for changes to occur
- explore your potential as a human being and rediscover meaning
- change your thinking and response to situations with a better insight
- get back to your true nature, rediscover life purpose and realise your potential

I work in the following areas:

- relationships
- anxiety
- depression
- life purpose and meaning
- spiritual growth
- life crisis
- trauma
- bereavement and loss
- women issues
- inner child therapy
- life transitions and changes
- identity crisis

I work in an Integrative holistic way, including Transpersonal approach and sessions are tailored to your individual needs taking into account your psychological, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

Opening Times

Opening Times: daytime, evenings and Saturday mornings

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: My practice is located in a beautiful and peaceful rural location in a designated therapy space


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