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Andrew Martin Counselling

Muswell Hill, Greater London (Haringey), N10 3NU
Phone: 07886 120 280
Website Address: http://www.andrewmartincounselling.co.uk
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Hi, my name is Andrew, and I am an accredited psychotherapist. Looking for a therapist can be daunting. Please call or email so I can answer your questions, I'd be glad to help.

For the last 12 years, I have been helping people overcome their difficulties using effective therapy techniques. I see my clients in the Muswell Hill and Crouch End areas.

I can help you to gain understanding and insight, this can give a sense of relief, like a weight being lifted off your shoulders.

For many people, this uncovering of truth within themselves is what they sought counselling for. For some, there is another step – a desire to change what isn’t working.This change-based work is what many of my clients come to me for.

Areas of expertise:

I work a lot with family issues, relationship issues, and the feelings of betrayal and low self-esteem associated with separation and divorce.

Another key area of expertise for me is anxiety issues; like generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Also, social phobia and the anxiety that is often linked to performance at work or other areas where people feel judged or exposed.

Anxiety is also linked to assertiveness issues like the experience of being 'used' or 'walked over' by the people in your life. This often leads to low self-esteem, depression, guilt and shame.

Although experienced working in many areas of emotional and psychological distress, one last area to highlight here is my specialism in addiction work. I have years of experience working with substance use issues like alcohol, food and drug addictions and also behavioural addictions like gambling and sex addiction.


I have studied a range of therapeutic approaches and work in an integrative way, drawing on the techniques that will get the best results.

The person-centred school of therapy, which recognises the healing power of authentic listening, is the bedrock of my practise. Often people really need to talk: to be understood in a warm, safe and non-judgmental space.

When clients want to achieve change in their lives or progress towards a stated goal, I use evidence-based psychological interventions such as CBT, REBT, solution-focused therapy and positive psychology.

Having spent much of my career working with some of the most challenging client groups, I have had the privilege to see people make genuine progress in their lives. This has given me a firm belief that people really can heal and change. This sense of hope is something my clients have said they have appreciated when working with me.

What to expect:

We will start with an assessment session to discuss your reasons for seeking out counselling. It can be helpful to know a bit about your background, what is troubling you and what you hope to achieve through therapy.

If it feels like there is a good ‘match’ then I will suggest a time-limited course of sessions. Sessions last for 50 minutes, and take place once a week.

Once the agreed course of therapy has been completed, we will reflect on your experience so far, and decide together how best to move forward. Even where long term, open ended therapy is indicated, I find it useful to begin in this structured way, since it provides a regular opportunity to step back and evaluate progress.


Training, qualifications & experience

Alongside my private practice, I currently work for a third sector charity providing psychotherapy to NHS clients suffering from mental health issues in GP surgeries across North London. I provide clinical supervision to trainee and volunteer counsellors, as well as providing counselling training to the organisation’s clinical staff. I am also experienced in supporting clients who use the Twelve Step model of recovery.


I am a fully accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and am also an accredited member of the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals. My clinical approach is deeply rooted in the codes of ethics laid out by these two governing bodies.

Prior to my career in counselling I worked in alcohol policy and strategy within local government. In this role I helped design and commission services delivered by the NHS. I trained health providers including GPs in basic evidence-based interventions for harmful drinkers.


My qualifications include an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling (LSBU), diplomas in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy (Greenwich University and LCCH), and a Counselling Certificate Course (Goldsmiths, University of London).

I attend continuous professional development courses to deepen my practice and expand my skills. For example, last year I completed a British Psychological Society-approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision, and more recently I attended a training looking at Enhanced CBT for eating disorders.


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