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Private Counselling in Havering

  • 14 Wymark Cl, Rainham RM13 8SW, UK.

About Private Counselling in Havering

I offer both individual and couples relationship counselling.

I’m here to help you overcome your current struggles, where reoccurring issues are now having a negative impact on your personal well-being, happiness, rational mental functions, physical abilities, and various personal/working relationships.

Constant and intense emotions of sadness, anger, failure, grief, doubt, guilt, fear, regret etc, will no doubt become overwhelming for you. The longer the time spent being tormented by these feelings, the easier it will be to find yourself lead within a state of despair.

Although I help a wide variety of issues, my specialised areas are:

Although you may think to yourself that there is no possible explanation to describe your thoughts and feelings, as you no longer understand or recognise yourself, I could possibly help you to work through your troubles. With my professional help, together we could transform your feelings of ‘entrapment’, to a feeling of ‘freedom,’ helping you to reach your full potential, by:

Allowing you to talk through and explore any issue’s that you wish to present, openly expressing your thoughts and feelings without any fear of being judged or criticized, developing in unconscious processes becoming conscious, promoting personal growth all within one safe and confidential private setting.
Untangling all those racing thoughts and feelings that you are struggling to resolve alone, benefiting from changes actually being accomplished rather than being an impossible task that’s failed time and time again.
Acknowledging, understanding and accepting areas/issues that are preventing you from moving forward, offloading those burdens having weighed you down for far too long.
Enhancing your ability to self-reflect and self-analysis, promoting your ability to break issues down more efficiently and effectively.
Identifying any possibly faulty processes and replacing them with positive ones, gaining a greater scene of self-worth and future direction.
Promoting self-confident and an ability to love yourself unconditionally, creating a new outlook on life being seen.
Developing your ability to trust yourself and others, also believing in your capability to excel in life.
Implementing effective coping strategies that will stay with you for life, helping you not only to resolve future issues independently but to make own decisions more wisely.
Helping you to lead a happier and healthier life; full of hope, positivity, ambition and possibilities. Saying ‘hello’ to your desired self.
Training, qualifications & experience
An MBACP Dip. Cons Professional, and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP.)

I have had over 15 years experience working with issues relating to: Mental Health, loss & grief, pre & post bereavement, pregnancy and relating issues, anxiety, depression, dream work, self-worth, low self-esteem/self-confidence, anger & behaviour management, family & relationships, employment, stress, trauma & PTSD, financial, separation & divorce, emotional & physical disabilities and many other general issues experienced widely on on daily basis by many.


Receive 100% of my attention when listening & communicating.
Receive genuine care to your needs with respect, consideration and empathy.
Offer a non-judgemental approach.
Offer to gain your trust to build a therapeutic relationship, promoting a positive outcome for my clients.
All of our work would be confidential and inline with professional policies.
To be resilient, patient, compassionate, committed, trustworthy and honest at all times.
To have a genuine interest in you, your life and your well-being and what you bring to our sessions.
To use my expert skills, knowledge & experience when working in collaboration with yourself, implementing interventions to help you reach the most effective & efficient outcome where possible.
Offer sensitivity to differences, in all aspects.
Offer an open-ended approach – no restriction on the time you’re allowed in therapy unless we see it unnecessarily.
Offer any external support and/or information when and where necessary, with your best interests being my focus.
Offer flexibility within our sessions to meet your needs.

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