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Chryssa Chalkia Integrative Counselling in London

London, Greater London (City of London), W1W 6AB
Phone: 07941 487423
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Are you in a space where you feel overwhelmed, stressed or depressed? Do you feel stuck and unsatisfied with your life? Do you struggle managing your emotions or controlling your behaviour? Is work taking over your life? Let’s talk. Together we can find new ways of managing your difficulties & live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I'm a professionally accredited and qualified integrative psychotherapist and counsellor with long term experience with private and NHS patients.
I can offer you a space on a weekly basis where you will be able to slow down, breath and talk about any difficulties whilst looking at ways to overcome them. Also, I can help you explore how your mind, brain, body, personal history and current life circumstances interact with each other and contributing to your current difficulties. I will support you increase your awareness, understand yourself better, relieve emotional difficulties or destructive behavioural patterns and make sense of such experiences.

Combining elements from different approaches and tailoring the treatment according to each client’s needs works better.This is the principle guiding my clinical work as a qualified counsellor, trainee psychotherapist and graduate psychologist. I have a flexible, integrative style of working, drawing on elements from several psychotherapeutic modalities as appropriate, such as:

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques which can be a useful tool to establish new coping skills, supporting you to manage your emotions more effectively

Mindfulness Practice specifically for managing Depression and Anxiety and improving overall wellbeing

Psychodynamic approaches, which helps to understand the unconscious and how previous experiences can shape and influence our present;

Relational-focused approaches which can be particularly useful for managing emotional distress, primarily associated with relationship difficulties;

I work with individuals and/or couples offering short (6, 8, 12 and 24 sessions) and long-term therapy in both Greek and English.

My fee for face to face counselling is £60 per session. However, I have a limited number of lower cost sessions depending on individual circumstances (e.g. Students). Also, I offer telephone and Skype sessions at a reduced fee.

The initial consultation lasts 50 minutes and will give you the opportunity to talk about what's on your mind, with a view to deciding whether you go forward with further sessions. This consultation gives me the opportunity to ask a lot of questions in order to identify the main issues that have brought you to seek help; any setbacks, as well as to take down details of background and history. At the close of the session a decision can be made as how to proceed.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. Sessions would be at the same time each week and last for fifty minutes. For long-term therapy I usually review the work every three months.

The regularity and consistency of sessions is helpful in providing a stable setting to explore deeper-lying issues. However, occasionally, I work with clients in a less regular way if practicalities make it impossible to meet weekly, if it is more therapeutic to work this way, or the clients prefers it.

To arrange an initial session or for any other enquiries contact me by text or email on chryssa.chalkia@gmail.com.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm. Feel free to call me and discuss your availability.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: My practice is located 3 minutes from Great Portland Tube Station


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Chryssa is a warm and empathic therapist. She helped me understand myself and my experiences better and showed me tools to manage my difficulties. I would recommend her to anyone who would like somebody to talk to and learn new skills.

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The therapeutic work I undertook with Chryssa helped me enormously and gave great and lasting benefit. She really cares about helping her clients and is an excellent and insightful listener.

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