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  • 13 Probert Rd, SW2 1BN,Brixton, Lambeth, Greater London.


Massimo Rinaldi – Registered Member MBACP(Accred).

Hello – my name is Massimo Rinaldi and I am a qualified, experienced and accredited BACP Registered Italian private counsellor working in Brixton, South West London.

I provide short-term, solution focussed therapy and long(er) term counselling to individuals (eg addictions, sex & sexuality etc) and groups.

My private counselling practice is based in Brixton, South-west London, at The Studio, Probert Rd (a short walk “Brixton Underground or Overground” and stations and reachable via several London bus routes).

Over the past 20 years I have accumulated a significant amount of counselling experience, working with a wide range of therapeutic issues including:

  • lack of interest/motivation,
  • cultural conflicts,
  • depression,
  • loss & bereavement,
  • anxiety,
  • relationship difficulties,
  • stress,
  • addictions,
  • sexuality, HIV.

It may help you to know that I have worked in different settings such as a Sexual Health Counsellor, a Group Facilitator and as a Senior Practitioner in residential settings in charitable foundations.

Counselling for Addiction.

Managing Addiction can be a valuable asset.

I have considerable experience in counselling clients with addictive behaviour i.e. substance misuse, alcohol dependency, sex addiction or compulsive tendencies and consequences of these in their lives.

There are different ways of viewing and working with addictive behaviour and I consider the behaviour as a learned maladaptive survival mechanism rather than viewing it as a scientific disease.

They are all different and unique in themselves and I am able to adapt my method and approach with each client.

Areas of Addiction Expertise.

  • Drug & Substance Addiction
  • Fear of change
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Loss
  • Defense mechanism
  • Ambivalence and resistance
  • Loss of control
  • Low self esteem/lack of confidence
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Loneliness/Isolation
  • Depression
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Boredom
  • Dissatisfaction with life
  • Resentment

Counselling for Sex and Sexuality.

Your sexual health is important to you.

Sex and sexuality is an intrinsic aspect of our identity and to deny its full expression may cause an inner struggle. Such internal conflict may arise when one suppresses true feelings about our sexuality, or relationship with sex, in order to avoid having our identity stigmatized.

As a counsellor, I have worked with the issues on sex and sexuality and the impact it has for several years. I have gained the ability to manage the tension that sex and sexuality issues may cause. This has provided the client with the opportunity to explore in detailed ways to successfully manage, process, accept and integrate any change towards sex or sexuality desired.

Areas of Sex / Sexuality Expertise.

  • Uncertainty and confusion
  • Inner conflict
  • Internalized homophobia
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Fluidity of Gender & Sexual identity
  • Coming out
  • Shame and Guilt
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Rejection
  • Acceptance and loss

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