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Family Constellations London


  • 1 Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3PA FULHAM.

About FamilyConstellationsLondon

Family Constellations can be a stand-alone approach to Personal Growth, or a useful support to other forms of Counselling, Coaching or Therapy in either an Individual Session or a Workshop or Online or Telephone .

Systemic Constellation is a therapeutic process conducted in a single session to deal with difficulties you experience with your partner, family or work relationships.


Welcome. I’m Alexandra Piotrowska.

I’m an accredited and registered counsellor and psychotherapist  and Supervisor

I assist individuals,  couples and Families  with their emotional wellbeing.

I am trained and qualified in coaching skills, transactional analysis’s, NLP, relationship awareness theory, counselling skills and have a Masters in family Counselling.

My  approach combines the best traditional psychotherapy methods ,- helping you to create powerful and meaningful goals and develop and execute clear strategies to achieve them – with proven skills of counselling and change.

I will work with you on the change you need to introduce to your life. I will provide you with tools and techniques that are proven to enable you to overcome the biggest of challenges and create the beliefs, habits and capabilities that can transform your life.

I work with the whole system of relationships that surrounds you – being it your family, workplace or your culture .


Family System

The actions of others in your family system can have significant (and often deeply unconscious) effects on you – even across generations. In constellation we look at the connection of your current life issues and problems to the past generations in your family.

Usually there will be immediate relief and clarity of your issues, however it is not a quick-fix, short-lived solution.

It can take some months for the full benefits of a single Family Constellation to unfold in your life and the lives of those connected to you, even when they haven’t participated in the Family Constellation themselves.

In my work I bring warmth  and wise heart along with twenty years experience  as a therapist  through which I have  brought healing, and long lasting resolution to clients from many walks of life.


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