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Calming Minds Counselling & Hypnotherapy Service

  • 28 The Drive, London, Redbridge E18 2HR.

About Calming Minds Counselling & Hypnotherapy Service

Counselling strives to reclaim daily challenges as tools to our understanding while continually embracing and redefining our choices as part of our own unique tapestry.
In essence, the aim is to integrate and heal our fragmented self created by processes like labelling, judgment and stress, striving not to reject or disclaim any part or even process but coming from a positive place of empowerment and acceptance of every part that makes up us our whole being.
Above all else counselling is committed to supporting, encouraging and guiding us through life’s fabric which, no matter what our frame of mind, is fundamental to our health and wellbeing.

Issues covered:
Stress management, OCD, addictions and cravings, anxiety, phobias, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, feelings of loneliness and isolation, depression, compulsive behaviour, self-development, healing and more…

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