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Geoff Rose Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (BPC)

Geoff Rose Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (BPC)

  • 27-28 Clements Lane, London, City of London EC4N 7AE.

About Geoff Rose Psychodynamic Psychotherapist (BPC)

I am professionally qualified and accredited as a psychodynamic psychotherapist with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) and have worked both for the NHS and the Voluntary sector.

I provide therapy in a safe and non-judgmental environment and have comfortable and conveniently placed counselling rooms in Central London (Chancery Lane) and Hertfordshire (Hitchin).

I welcome adult patients regardless of gender, race, age, sexual orientation, nationality or belief.

Please feel free to phone or email me for a brief discussion about your concerns or arrange to meet me for an initial consultation where you can tell me about the things that are bothering you and find out whether I am the sort of person you would like to see for your therapy.

How I help
We all have times when we feel less able to cope; perhaps this coincides with the onset of stressful life events such as the loss of a loved one, being put under too much pressure at work or the break-up of a relationship. Perhaps we have always felt a little anxious or depressed but as time has passed our techniques for managing this have felt less and less satisfactory.

At such times it can be hard to get the support that you need from friends and family. Talking to a psychodynamic psychotherapist who has some knowledge and experience in working with the sort of problems you are experiencing is often very helpful.

I provide a confidential space so that you feel safe to express your thoughts and feelings about matters that are troubling you. I have experience in supporting people through a range of concerns and will work alongside you so that together we will find a way to move beyond your current predicament.

What is involved?
The first thing to happen is we will have an initial consultation which will last 50 minutes.

During this time I will ask you to say a little about yourself and some of the things that you would like some support with and you will be free to ask me questions about the therapy process and my experience.

We will then decide how best to proceed; I am able to offer short or longer term psychodynamic psychotherapy depending upon your needs and the issues that you would like support with.

Finally we will arrange an appropriate time for your sessions and agree upon a fee together.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Human beings are relational animals, we are drawn to be with others; our relationships have a profound effect upon us, they influence the way we feel about ourselves and the world in which we live.

This is particularly true of our most intimate relationships. It is in such relationships that we are at our most vulnerable and it is at such times of vulnerability that we look to others most to help us to feel loved and at home with ourselves and our environment.

When we feel safe and well loved we develop the confidence to engage with the world in playful, creative and innovative ways.

However most of us will carry the belief that we will not manage when faced with particular circumstances in our life. Often we will find that these beliefs relate to earlier experiences where we have felt unsafe, unloved or unable to cope. Sometimes we are not aware that we carry such beliefs, nevertheless, when this does happen, we develop a more constrained, less confident approach to ourselves and our world and so confront the challenges of life with our internal resources hampered.

We may also find ourselves repeating patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful; these behaviours can be difficult for us to make sense of and to stop. Often, through therapy, we will discover that these ways of being relate to earlier experiences in our life that were distressing.

The psychodynamic approach is designed to support you to be more fully yourself and to reflect upon your experiences so that you can understand yourself better. It is through this process of being and self-reflection that we feel enabled to make changes to alleviate our distress and to open up our potential to live more creative, loving and fulfilled lives.

Relevant Experience:
I have been working in the NHS within the field of mental health since 2003. I have experience of supporting patients to overcome a range of different issues both in a supportive capacity and as a therapist delivering psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy approaches.

I provide open ended and short term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals.

I am a member of the following registering and accrediting bodies.

British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC)
Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling (FPC)

Relevant Qualifications:
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice (WPF THERAPY)
MA in Jung and Post-Jungian Studies (UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX)
Postgraduate Certificate in Mental Health (Primary Care) (UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE)
Certificate in Community Mental Healthcare (UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE)
Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy (TAVISTOCK AND PORTMAN CLINIC)
Ba in Social and Cultural Studies (UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM)

I am committed to continuing professional development

My Fees
My fees vary according to the relative costs of running my practice in the different locations. All fees are subject to annual review.

London practice: The charge for the initial consultation will be £60, thereafter I charge between £50 and £70 for ongoing sessions depending upon your circumstances. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

Hertfordshire practice: The charge for the initial consultation will be £50, thereafter I charge between £40 and £60 for ongoing sessions depending upon your circumstances. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

I do keep some reduced fee spaces available for patients who are students, who are unemployed, or for those on low incomes. Please meet with me for an initial consultation to discuss your fees and any other practical arrangements for your sessions.

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