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Counselling Pages

Counselling Pages

  • 260 Regent Street, London, City of London W1B 3AG.

About Counselling Pages

FLCC is a counselling service for people dealing with issues such as Anxiety, depression, Anger, ADHD, sexual issues, addiction, trauma, abuse, self-esteem, professional empowerment, relationship problems.
Our professionals; psychology graduate will help you through crisis intervention, during the hardest times of your life.
Our staff is trained in crisis intervention, personal empowerment, self-esteem development, with years experience working with people suffering with emotional difficulties such as dementia , babies trauma , addictions , phobia, person-centred, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy …
B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology
Trained as a Mediator ” Pronti a Conciliare ”
We believe that psychology will apply to your personal circumstances.
A real passion for listening our counsellors are constantly engage in participating at conferences to keep their knowledge up to date.

There are many reasons people seek counselling and psychotherapy. Some of the concerns we have helped our clients address over the years include:
stress and anxiety issues
sex and intimacy issues
problems within personal relationships
sexuality issues (straight, gay and bisexual issues)
sexual identity issues
issues arising from physical, sexual and emotional abuse
infertility and infertility treatment issues
purpose and meaning of life concerns
transgender and gender identity issues
career and work-related issues

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