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Coleby Centre

Coleby Centre

  • 4B Alma Road, Sidcup, Bexley DA14 4EA.

About Coleby Centre

For anyone seeking some form of therapy there is something about who they are, or their life that they want to change, and haven’t been able to find a way to do so on their own. There are many dynamic therapies that can help people change – as an integrative psychotherapist I have many tools and techniques but the glue that make these changes “stick” and the best form of therapy in my opinion, is one where you can feel supported and heard in a confidential space. Whatever problems or stuck place you may be in, feeling the warmth and regard of another human being can really help you begin to learn to listen to your own needs and find ways of meeting these. Relational counselling means the process of therapy is internalised so the client has tools to take with them when they no longer need the therapy space.

My passion is enabling people to free themselves from old patterns that have kept them stuck, to develop the strength to make choices and be who they want to be. I absolutely believe that you can find a more realistic, beneficial and happier way to live your life as one whole, aware person.

I came into counselling during a really difficult time in my life, and found the support of a therapist really helped me make sense of the experiences I was having and understand who I was, why I behaved and felt the way I did and very importantly develop the strength to make the right choices for me. I hope I can offer a similar service for you.

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