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Kimiya Healing

Barnet, Greater London (Barnet), N20 9LJ
Website Address: www.kimiyahealing.co.uk
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It's a non invasive therapeutic bodywork approach that treats the entire body, mind and spirit from a place of inherent health and wisdom rather than from a position of disease or illness. Rather than manipulating muscles or fascia or attempting to impose anything on the body, the inner wisdom of the body is allowed to express itself so that the natural reorganising forces of the body can be allowed to heal the person. Craniosacral therapy works with tissue, bones, organs, membranes and fluids as well as meridians, chakras and non physical bodies (etheric, emotional, spiritual, karmic and astral). In this way it is natural, safe, non invasive and holistic.

My approach blends craniosacral touch with therapeutic dialogue, breathwork and visual imagery. I offer a field of safety, depth, unconditional acceptance and love that allows your body to express the unspoken. Side by side we explore and release the root cause of conditions you've been holding, dissolving decades of pain, trauma and fear, through the inherent wisdom of the body. Together we create new ways of being in your body, and in the world. Allowing you to once again, experience your inner magic. Together we are alchemists.


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