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Rock and a Hard Place Counselling & Psychotherapy

Rock and a Hard Place Counselling & Psychotherapy

  • Toddington, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom.

About Rock and a Hard Place Counselling & Psychotherapy

If you\’re reading this the chances are that you or someone you love have something going on that\’s causing some kind of distress. It may be something that happened in the past that is the cause or it could be a situation that’s occurring now. Either way, as you have ended up here, on my page, you must be considering counselling.


I know it can be scary and nerve wracking taking that first step – click onto my website as it explains what you can expect if you decide to start having counselling with me and I have also tried to dispel some of the preconceptions and rumours about counselling.

What I can tell you at the outset is, whatever your issue, I will work with you to bring about a positive change in your life. Counselling can help just about anyone regardless of whether they are simply feeling slightly anxious or whether they are feeling like there is no hope and are having suicidal thoughts.

Counselling will help.

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