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Getting There Counselling

  • Angel House, 338 Goswell Road, The Angel, London EC1V 7LQ, UK.

About Getting There Counselling

At present I am offering Online support – A space where your heart can speak freely…….and where it will be heard.

I am trained in the Person-Centered approach. I am non-judgmental, supportive and I am here when a listening ear is needed. Yes, I will listen but most importantly I will hear what you have to say .
Life can be wonderful & rewarding….Life can also be demanding, stressful and daunting. We are human and we ALL find things too much at some point in our lives, and we may need a helping hand to work things out.
There is absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed of if you need to ask for help. It is a real sign of strength to know when you need to reach out to someone!
If you have reached the point where you are contemplating having some counselling, then I am here for you, and I will help you get through at a time when you feel you are not ‘quite you’. If you need help with grief, anger, anxiety, depression or anything that is making life difficult, get in touch, have an initial 20 minute free consultation either via telephone or online. During your subsequent sessions we can work together on what needs to change, and I can help you to find new ways of thinking and support you as you adapt your life to cope with things that may not be changeable. I will help you ‘Get There’, wherever ‘There’ may be for you. I offer a safe, confidential space for you to explore any problems or dilemmas you may be facing.

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