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Therapy Room

  • Pagants, Stebbing Green, Dunmow CM6 3TE, UK.

About Therapy Room

How Can I help You?

There are probably many thoughts, emotions and feelings running around in your head which are confusing, painful and maybe even distressing. Without a release these feelings just overwhelm and make day to day living a major challenge. By giving you a space to vocalise these thoughts and helping you organise, rationalise and give context to them, I will enable you take back control of your emotions and put your life back on track.
Of course, there may be circumstances that have compromised you this way but by exploring your situation and establishing a coping and management strategy, you can deal with whatever has been presented in order to work through the problems and out the other side.

I can help with:

Bereavement, Relationship problems, Emotional crises,

Self-worth issues, Sexual concerns, Workplace problems,

Eating disorders, Obsessive behaviour, Life management…

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