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Benfleet Counselling

Benfleet Counselling

  • 9 Highcliff Rd, South Benfleet, Benfleet SS7 1NQ, UK.

About Benfleet Counselling

About counselling and how it can help.

There are times in all our lives when we feel unable to cope. Sometimes the causes of these problems seem fairly clear and we know where to turn for assistance i.e family and friends. At other times our problems are difficult to understand and we cannot find an answer from our own resources or contacts.

Talking to a counsellor, who is impartial and skilled, can help you work through your personal difficulties and find solutions.

Counsellors’ do not give advice but will enable you to find your own answers. This in turn will enable you to develop life skills, so that you can begin to be more constructive in the ways that you manage your feelings and behaviour and can take more control of your life. It can be a great relief and a source of strength to share your difficulties, in confidence, with a trained and skilled counsellor.

Counselling may be able to help if you are:

Experiencing any kind of loss, bereavement or trauma
Suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or finding it hard to cope
Having difficulties within personal or family relationships
Having problems adjusting to change, perhaps through redundancy or early retirement
Needing help to recover from serious illness, eating disorders or withdrawal from prescription drugs
Facing a problem that is hard to talk about or resolve
Not feeling good about life at the moment and you don’t understand why

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