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Therapala Counselling Dunmow

  • Unnamed Road, Dunmow CM6, UK.

About Therapala Counselling Dunmow

Your mental health and psychological well-being are too important to ignore

Anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties significantly impact our psychological wellbeing and can feel overwhelming. I help couples and individuals safely explore these challenging feelings to find greater positivity and overall happiness.

Sometimes the idea of trying to achieve a healthy work/life balance coupled with the daily pressures of anxiety, stress, depression, troubled relationships or a background of emotional trauma or bereavement can feel incredibly overwhelming. Under this growing pressure, it may feel like you have lost control, maybe anger quickly bubbles to the surface or you feel like you have lost any real sense of happiness.

My approach to counselling is founded on working uniquely with you, exploring what feels overwhelming and working together to bring about positive and meaningful changes to your life. By reducing your stress to a manageable level, and increasing your positivity, we will work on helping you cope again and start enjoying every aspect of your life and relationships. My broad experience has helped clients with issues such as anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship difficulties, childhood emotional trauma, suicide ideation and mental health issues. By working together, counselling can offer you the space to to grow in self worth and you will feel able to face the day ahead with more confidence, higher self-esteem and greater positivity.

I offer a completely judgement free and highly supportive space to work with you objectively and with acceptance. My clients have found that through exploring difficult feelings and painful negative self beliefs, they are able to grow in both self acceptance and positive self valuing beliefs

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