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Willowside Counselling

Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 1ND
Phone: 07553528096
Website Address: www.willowsidecounselling.co.uk
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** I am currently offering online counselling **

Does your emotional suitcase feel too heavy to lift?

If it does, it may feel something like this:

  • Overwhelming
  • Like relationships are strained or breaking down
  • It has become difficult to voice what you need
  • Feels like you have lost your way

When we feel like this our problems may seem all jumbled up, or even that they are growing bigger and unmanageable by the day.  Sometimes communication breaks down.  Out unresolved past experiences may be nagging at us again, or it may be about something that is new and in the present.

So, you may need some help to:

  • Unpack that case
  • Sort through the contents
  • Find clarity

We are all human beings and relationships are an important part of our lives.  We are born to attach and survive, therefore we all have a drive to belong.  Relationships can bring us happiness and fulfilment, but when they go wrong it can feel like everything is just falling apart.

We have relationships with everything and everyone, including ourselves. Our past, stress and even the way we think about ourselves can affect our relationships.  Sometimes when these become difficult, break down, or we lose someone, we may feel confused, lost, angry, or sad. We may begin to experience anxiety or depression and we may not understand our thoughts or feelings.

Sometimes it may be very difficult to talk about this with family or friends, for fear of judgement or being a burden, or maybe we just don’t want to.

I work with both individuals and couples to improve communication, relationships, self esteem and self awareness, enabling clients to live their best life.

I can be found at www.willowsidecounselling.co.uk, on Facebook and also Linked In.

As a professional, I am a Registered Member of the BACP and an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society and work to their ethical guildelines.




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