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Chelmsford, Essex, cm1 1ja
Phone: 07444 364669
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Carla Robins MBACP, B.A.(Hons) is a registered Person-Centred therapist that specialises in a unique intervention called Walk and Talk Therapy, which combines traditional talk therapy with the physical exercise of walking.

I am open, down to earth and understand the importance of humour as well as seriousness in therapy. Making the first step towards counselling can be extremely difficult, I hope I can make your journey easier.

A little about Walk Talk Therapy
Walk and talk therapy is a simple variation of traditional counselling, engaged outdoors. Instead of the therapy being conducted within four clinical walls, the therapeutic process is taken out of the counselling room and in to nature with the Psychotherapist.

Walking releases endorphins, which can elevate moods, and that for some clients, a lake or a park is less intimidating than an office setting.

The emphasis in Walk and Talk Therapy is on the therapy, and the walking is a secondary benefit. You should not expect an extremely strenuous workout or any sort of personal training.

Several reasons why W.T therapy is a great approach to choose.

There are several reasons why Walk Talk Therapy is a great approach.

Walk Talk Therapy gets clients moving—both literally and figuratively.

Walk Talk Therapy is conducted outdoors, being in nature can be meditative and grounding. Walk Talk Therapy is an excellent choice for clients with several different kinds of issues. Clients who are going through a life transition, have anxiety, are experiencing some kind of loss or grief, relationship issues, as well as other challenges tend to do very well with Walk Talk Therapy.

It encourages a patient to be more physically active for mental and physical reasons.
It helps a patient get "unstuck" when confronting difficult issues.
It spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking often released by mood-improving Physical activity.

Some patients may become anxious when confronting something difficult in a traditional seated, face-to-face interaction,
Walking in parallel with visual distractions may allow for easier engagement.

You set the pace of the session. If you prefer a meditative, relaxing session of walking or a more active session. Walk Talk Therapy will match your pace.

What if the weather is bad? If the weather is bad we can still meet up in the counselling room. The Swedish have a saying “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing” but it is always your choice whether we conduct walk talk therapy or coduct the therapy in the counselling room. Clients are usually happy to have the challenge. I am very happy to work in all weather conditions.

Research studies have shown that physical activity can enhance the mental and physical health of clients. Physical activity has also been shown to reduce levels of depression and anxiety and can help to prevent depressive symptoms.

I'm empathic and work Non-Judgementally, providing you with the right conditions for change.

I work in Essex and London, using various locations in Essex which include Thorndon country park, Weald country park, Hyland Park and beaches. Using Hyde Park and Regents Park and Hampstead Heath in London.

If you become tired we can rest from the walk and sit under a tree or sit in a quiet spot and carry on the session.

If you are a new mum suffering with Postnatal Depression , you are very welcome to bring your baby along in a pram.

I offer an assessment session, where we will meet in a traditional counselling setting to discuss why you are looking for counselling and what you are hoping to gain from your time. Also it's a chance to decide if you wish to work with me. The initial assessment session is £20.

Thank you for viewing my page, if you decide I'm not the counsellor for you, then I wish you every every success on your journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday 9:30 AM - 19:30 PM
Tuesday 9:30 AM - 19:30 PM
Wednesday 9:30 AM - 19:30 PM
Thursday 9:30 AM - 19:30 PM
Friday 9:30 AM - 19:30 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 16:30 PM

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Next door to crystal palace restaurant at the back of Duke Street, parking available at the ship car park,


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