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Chris The Counsellor

  • Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AS.

About Chris The Counsellor

There are times in life where our normal ability to cope gets overwhelmed. Emotions often run away with us and intense feelings take over, blurring normal decisions and choices, making us feel like we can’t cope, and impacting heavily on our daily lives. Reaching out at times like this is often seen as weakness, like you can’t deal with this alone; but why should you? Who said that you should carry these issues alone and that you aren’t allowed to reach out for help? At times like this, it helps to have somebody experienced in these kinds of emotions and feelings, someone that can go through them with you and help share the pressure, so that we can understand the situation together. We believe that it is only by understanding these emotions and the situations that life has thrown at us, that we can get to the true cause of the situation and then get you feeling back to normal. Depression is a powerful thing. It is brushed under the carpet by a large portion of society as us ‘just having a bad day.’ We know this is not the case. Depression can affect so many different sections of life, from work, to social and relationships, and if it is not understood and embraced correctly, it cannot be lived with, and the affects that it has on life will not lessen, but in fact get worse. Low self-esteem and a not-so-good impression of you have the same affect, as do other people’s opinions and the way in which we lead life; just a few on the list of affecting factors that we can put under the magnifying glass during our sessions and improve to help you feel more like yourself again. By spending time with us, understanding yourself and your environment, understanding your feelings and how this affects both yourself and others will start you on your journey to overcoming your biggest issues. I am a patient individual with many years’ experience. I can accommodate your needs, so our meeting place can be where you feel most comfortable. Although currently not certified, the experience that I have both in personal therapy sessions and in sessions undertaken from a professional point of view with numerous individuals, I am confident that I am able to offer the kind of personal, experienced-based service that you deserve. Please feel free to drop me an email, and let’s get you started on your personal journey.

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