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The Loft Practice (Hove)

Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2BB
Phone: 07747 445534
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I work within a humanistic framework taking the view that every individual and their personal journey is a unique one. I am committed to providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental therapeutic space in which clients can begin to explore the problems and dilemmas that are affecting them and where they are currently at in their life. To this end I hold at the core of my work what I see as fundamental attitudes to the development of an effective therapeutic relationship, empathic understanding, genuineness, acceptance and respect. I work individually with people specifically aiming to help them to live life more fully and rewardingly. I provide both short and longer term counselling and psychotherapy to those individuals wishing to undertake a personal exploration of where they are in their life, helping them to make some sense out of it through examining their past, how this impacts on their present day living and in turn contributes to expectations of their future.Within the therapeutic space, I endeavour to communicate my own experience of you as a human being interacting with me as another human being. Life and counselling/psychotherapy can both be 'messy' - both can get difficult at times and it is in working through these difficult times openly and honestly that counselling can be most effective, assisting in making meaning of, and clarifying things that are unclear, and making sense of where we are and where we might want to go in our lives. Whilst we cannot change regrets from the past we can perhaps try our best to ensure that at a future point in time we reduce the acquisition of new regrets from this point forward and change repetitive and destructive thinking patterns and behaviours that may once have worked for us, but now seem to be causing us problems. In offering a safe space counselling/psychotherapy can enable you to explore and make sense of emotional events in the past, that are often too painful and difficult to discuss with people who know you - making sense of the way you experience and live your life. There are no magic answers or cures but I aim to provide an opportunity for you to explore the choices available to you and how you want to make decisions about them, in the light of a deeper understanding of yourself. Thereby leading to the potential for enriching and enhancing your life, by changing the way you respond to others and the world around you and effecting change in how others and the world respond to you. My focus is always your well-being and psychological health.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Weekdays, Evenings and Saturday mornings

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: 3 mins walk westwards from Palmeira Square bus stop, the building is located next to a coffee shop (Bake) on the corner of Wilbury Road.


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