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Kirsten Pick Counselling

Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5HP
Phone: 07791200370
Website Address: www.kirstenpick.com
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I wonder what has motivated you to look for a therapist? What have you tried so far? Are you looking for yourself or someone else? Do you feel your friends and family don’t understand you?

Together we will explore your needs, finding acceptance and coping with some of the situations you are experiencing at present, overcoming anxiety and supporting you when you decide to make changes.

Most people experience times in their lives that appear to have no tangible solution, you may benefit from support through counselling. You may feel embarrassed, anxious, ashamed or it may be too painful to share with people close to you. Sometimes the support of close family and friends or a self-help book can help you get your life back on track. Other times talking through your problems in a safe, neutral, non-judgmental space can help you work through difficulties, gaining a different perspective and increasing your understanding of yourself will increase your emotional wellbeing further.

I work with people individually, face to face in a private room in Hove off Portland Road or with couples (partners, parent-child, sieblings, friends) from a room on Wilbury Road.


Opening Times

Opening Times: Monday 8.30-14.30

Wednesday 11.00-14.30

Friday 8.30-14.30

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Often the first session is at Hove Therapy Rooms at 69 Church Road/ Wilbury Villas


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