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Ben Jones Counselling and Psychotherapy

Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3RS
Phone: 07794689984
Website Address: http://www.benjones.uk
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Do you want to be clearer about your anxieties, difficulties with the past, or an ongoing struggle to relate with others? Whatever the source of your struggle, I offer a compassionate and nurturing environment for you to reveal yourself in your desires, fears, hopes and disappointments, so you might find new and creative possibilities for being alive in the world.

I am a psychotherapeutic counsellor and group facilitator and have worked in a variety of clinical settings including national charities, local low cost therapy services and as an honorary psychotherapist within the NHS. My aim is to help you be curious, at your own pace, about yourself and your life, while helping you give space for your experience and what troubles you. This could find relationship to a specific issue in the short term, but also might be as general and open ended as reconnecting with yourself and where you are: the kind of deep contact which might feel unbearable to do alone. Doing this together, however, can support you with a flow of connection that allows you to acknowledge your hurt, turn it over therapeutically and make new emotional sense from what we find. The potential here is both a more secure relationship with ourselves and our bodies, as well as the community of others in our lives and the world around us.

My approach to therapy is embodied, relational, and influenced by humanistic and existential philosophy, while taking into account way in which we are shaped from our early life experiences. This has in turn shaped the way I perceive the work: I will be with you and the whole of your experience, acknowledging the here-and-now as much as the there-and-then. We might, for instance, find focus around anxiety, stuck and past traumas, connecting to intimate relationships or just being present in the room together. What's important is that you're given the opportunity to think clearly, feel openly and speak from somewhere close to the heart about where these come together.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Evenings and some daytime availability.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Opposite the big Tesco on Church road. I am also available for online work.


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