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Diane Stainton Counselling

Diane Stainton Counselling

  • Rosebush, Dyfed, United Kingdom.

About Diane Stainton Counselling


Faced with problems that can feel too painful or difficult to deal with alone; when there seems nowhere to turn and the first step looks impossible to take, you may benefit from talking to an experienced counsellor/psychotherapist.

Psychodynamic Counselling/Psychotherapy

I offer this to people seeking long term change for unhelpful, deep rooted patterns of behaviour, feelings or thoughts. Working with this model, my counselling is based on careful and non-judgemental listening, supporting, rather than directing you. In the safety of the counselling space, a working relationship develops so that you have the freedom to speak about whatever is troubling you, enabling you to explore any unconscious emotional patterns or unhelpful thoughts which may be preventing you from living your life more fully. This type of counselling is open-ended and may last for up to many months. It is a NICE recommended therapy.

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