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Changes Counselling Support

Changes Counselling Support

  • Whitworth Road, Spennymoor, Durham DL16 7QW.

About Changes Counselling Support

At a time when you may be feeling anxious and confused, the last thing you probably need is an explanation of what modality I studied or what organisations I’m aligned to.

More likely you’ll want to know what makes me think I can be of assistance to you?

I’m told I’m a warm and approachable person, I have a great sense of humour, am practically unshockable and I’m willing and able to sit with whatever you may bring to a session, coupled with the openess to tell you honestly if I feel I’m not the best person to support you.

My life experiences include a poor childhood, relationship problems, being a single parent, the death of my son, redundancies, business failure, bullying and sadly so much more. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I believe that my own personal therapy was what changed everything for me and led me to the place I am now, which is here, ready to walk the walk with you, if you feel ready to take that journey?

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