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  • 1 Blackwell Ln, Darlington DL3 8QF, UK.

About Nuance-Therapy

Qualified Counselling and Therapeutic Services in Darlington.

Confidential services in private rooms, including outdoor therapy in a beautiful garden area.

I can offer you ‘one to one’ therapy where we would be in the same room together. A private, undisturbed and safe time to talk, explore and express. Or sit, laugh, cry, vent and discover. We may talk of life events (past and present), whatever you bring is OK.

Many issues we struggle with stem from a loss, loss can and does cause  a fluctuation of emotions that feel impossible to manage and like they are encompassing all of you and all of your life.

Thinking about counselling ?

I can offer solace within this time of your life and assist you in the journey of making some sense of it all.

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