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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • 589-591 Uxbridge Road, Hayes, Dorset UB4 8HP.

About Counselling and Psychotherapy

About me

I’m fully qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I have more than 8 years experience as a Counsellor and therapist across the world. It means, I have better awareness about social-cultural context and its impact on mental health being. Owning to my integrative training, I am able to use different approaches, and paradigms according to people needs and demands. My approach is based on Integrative; It means I am trained to use Psychodynamics approach, Cognitive behavioural Approach, Rational Emotive Behavioural therapy, Humanistic Approach, Existential-Phenomenological Approach and Multi-Model Approach in my practice. I am trained to use different exercises such as relaxation techniques, Guided imagery, fraction relaxation techniques and progressive muscular relaxation techniques. I choose my approach based on your problems.

I have substantial experience in wide range of mental as well as physical problems including Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Phobia, Specific Phobia such as blood, injection, needle, elevators, lift, travel, pain, insects etc, Agoraphobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Attachment problems, Separation Anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Somatoform disorders, Bipolar disorder, Post-traumatic disorder, stress disorder, relationship problem, addictions, drug abuse, bullying, sexual abuse, eating disorder, Bereavement, Personal growth life transition, Breast Cancer patients, Maternal Problems, Irritate Bowl Syndom, Diabetes, Hypertensions, Thyroid problems, Anaemia, Chronic illness, psychological adjustment to long term medical conditions as well as culture and personal growth issues.

I have extensive experience to work with people who have any physical health issues such as acute and chronic illness as well as long term illness. I have personal experience how the physical illnesses have affect on emotional as well as mental health beings.

I am member of BPS, BACP , National UK therapist Register and about to complete my professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy.

How I work?

Psychotherapy and counselling offer a safe, consistent and confidential relationship in which to explore and begin to understand the particular issues and difficulties that are currently affecting your ability to cope with the challenges of life. They can help you resolve emotional conflict, change negative thinking and behaviour, and support you in making positive choices. Counselling can help you to find more alternative perspectives in your problem.

In my personal qualities, I am genuine, empathy, non-judgemental, unconditional positive regards and respect towards my clients. It means I am not seeing you on basis of your characteristics and not on your age, race, ethnicity, religion etc. Moreover, I do not see my clients as a ‘Patient’. I see them as a human being. I am not interested to label you as ‘Mental health illness or Psychopathology.’ I believe that all the emotions either smile or crying, happiness or sadness, calm or angry is part of us. I do not believe we are allowed to happy but not sad, or allowed to be calm but not be angry. Being a human being, we are allowed to experience all emotions whatsoever they are. There is no life without death; love without hate; and health without illness. These experience tell us importance of life, health and things that we are used to take for granted. Problem is not we are sad, angry etc; problem is unable to understand what triggers these emotions. Problem is around when we do not know, or do not have answer of our queries. I help you to understand as well as explore your emotions and understand why you are experiencing like this. Therefore, I focus more on our relationship as I-Thou rather than ‘I-It’ it means I am not seeing you as object and feel corner to you. We will work together, I believe more we have trust to each other, more opening layers of your life, and you will more depth understand about your reality and existence. Together we can explore the things in life you find difficult or troubling, address those things you may wish to change, and discover how you’d like to live.


I provide Counselling and Psychotherapy services in West London. I am not limited to face to face counselling, I offer telephone counselling, Skype counselling, face-time counselling and face to face counselling. It means, my help for you is not limited to people around my area, rather, I am available for anyone regardless of their time and place. I understand importance of online counselling, because I know today in busied world, it is very hard to travel but not difficult to access internet world. Online counselling is suitable for people those who have travel anxiety, and especially people with physical health issues and restricted movements and dependent on others for travel. Online counselling is also suitable for people who have limited earning, so they can save their travel budgets as well as for those who are very busy in their professional life, and have not time to extra travel. They can connect to me through online counselling.

ü Face to Face Counselling

ü Skype Counselling

ü Face Time Counselling

ü Telephone Counselling

Intensive Counselling

I offer intensive counselling. It means that you are not in good mood, or having stress or feeling low for a short time, and want that someone just listen to you without judging you and need someone to stay with you on particular moment instead of to seek counselling for short or long term. It means you have one intense session either in phone or face to face. The length of Intensive session varies according to your need but would not exceed to 90 minutes. With Intensive counselling, you are not bounding with time. Intensive counselling is more suitable for people who are depressed, feeling low, especially in nights or in weekends, bank holidays. Intensive counselling does not include any assessments. It just stays with your relevant (current) issues.

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