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Matthew Hart Counsellor and Gestalt Therapy (MNCS Accred)

  • 11 Gandy St, Exeter EX4, UK.

About Matthew Hart Counsellor and Gestalt Therapy (MNCS Accred)

Welcome. In the practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy I believe that therapist and client create a space together. We build a relationship together which supports you to discover aspects of yourself that you probably can’t experience in everyday life . In this sense it is a special space, not like anything you will experience anywhere else.

Often just having the space to talk about what is going on inside you can be hugely liberating and transformative. Particularly in the beginning it is often the case that people feel ‘like a pressure cooker with the heat turned high’. I have found in my own therapy that just being able to talk about my experiences and explore them with someone else can bring great relief. I have also found that it helps a LOT if the person you are talking with is not responding in a judgemental way and is genuinely interested in your well-being.

My main mode of working is called Gestalt which is a German word usually defined as ‘Wholeness’. Gestalt is a very holistic approach, seeing the individual as part of a much wider field that influences feelings and behaviour at many different levels. This inter-connectedness of the individual and his/her environment represents a whole new way of seeing the issues that arise for a person. With this approach we can let go of the weight of carrying our struggles as though we created them all by ourselves!

I currently work from The Haven centre in Gandy street Exeter on a Tuesday and Crediton on a Wednesday. My charges are regulated by the affordable therapy service of my college under whose auspices I currently work. For a 50 minute session the standard charge is between £25 -£40 with some negotiation possible for those on very low incomes. We can discuss this at our initial meeting. The charge for the initial meeting is only £20

If you are interested, I would suggest an initial session where we can talk about your needs and get a feel for how we might work together. Please feel free to email or text me using the details below or via the contact form. If you wish, please feel free to give me a call so we can chat about what you need.

Phone: 07376 426039

Email: mhartgestalt@gmail.com

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