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Debbie Lavinchi

Exeter, Devon, EX4 3LS
Phone: 07391 544924
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Hello, and welcome to my page.

My name is Debbie and I can offer you sessions in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I have worked in caring and the mental health field for over 30 years now. I particularly enjoyed "End of Life" care and individuals who struggle with Depression, Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts and Abuse.

I understand how tough life can be, what it is like to struggle and to feel so alone in life, but with the right counsellor you can turn your life around.

You will sense the shift of energy and start to feel the lightness within you.

The care and safe space that I offer you too "just talk" can be in a block of six sets, one weekly or a set of six sessions and you can use them when you can afford too.

Mindfulness, is a very powerful tool, but it is one tool we still reluctantly want to reach out and ask for help with.

We will visit the opticians and the dental practice each year, but we never think to look after our mind - our Mental Health. We take for granted that we will always be strong and carry on with life's troubles or take the curve balls that are being thrown at us and suddenly, when we hit "that wall" we feel embarrassed or see it as a failure on our part.

I am here to help and assist you too manage those negative thoughts. You are not that person, that you feel you are, on that day.

They are problems which were solutions' that once worked for you and now, for some reason - they don't.

If you want to call me on 07391 544924, I will talk to you for free for 20 minutes, and if after that call, you feel you can work with me, each session will be for one hour. All I do ask for is a 24 hours notice, for a calculation, just so I can offer that session out for somebody else to use that gap.

If you are disabled or housebound and in receipt of PIP, I will come out to you - there will be a travel cost of 45 pence a mile and we will need a room where we can talk freely and not be disturbed.

I am fully insurance and I am up to date with my DBS check. I am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). Under the BACP, I work within The Ethical Framework for Good Practice. It's an ethical code for counsellors, trainers and supervisors within the counselling field.

I am available to take on new clients, as well as professionals who might be concerned about their employers finding out.

It is a confidential service within the catchment area of Exeter, Bude, Barnstaple, Holsworthy, Shebbear, Hatherleigh and Okehampton.


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