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  • 57 Station Road, Sudbury, Derbyshire CO10 2SP.

About exploringUcounselling

Counselling Services:
The expert team at exploringUcounselling provide support to individuals working through a wide range of issues. Our tried and tested process is designed to help you feel better and to improve your quality of living. We understand that the relationship you have with your counsellor is paramount. After the first conversation, a member of the exploringU team will discuss your situation with the director who will then recommend the most suitable counsellor who has the experience to support you with your individual requirements.

Your first consultation lasts 60 minutes and will be held in a safe and confidential space. In this time, you’ll get a sense of what it will be like working through this process before committing to a series of weekly hour-long sessions.

Trauma Rehabilitation Services:
As each brain injury is complex and unique, exploringUcounselling’s Trauma Rehabilitation Service offers each individual a tailored programme of therapeutic activities, guidance and support, help to improve fitness and mobility, exploration of options for the future, exploration of social activities or hobbies and family mediation to improve self-confidence and offer a better quality of life.

Each client will have quality time with their therapist to discover their needs and their hopes for the future. Their individual circumstances and are always taken into account before being provided with a step by step plan to reach their fullest potential.

We currently have 4 trainee counsellors on placement with exploringU counselling, they will see you for the cost of the room hire £10 per 50 minutes.

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