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Jo Bailey Counselling and Psychotherapy

Hilton, Derbyshire, DE65 5LA
Phone: 07753 096511
Website Address: www.jobaileycounsellingandpsychotherapy.co.uk
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My experience and Qualifications

I am an experienced Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. I am registered with UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy); having trained for five years in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling at The Sherwood Institute in Nottingham. I gained my MSc in 2013. As part of my training I went to psychotherapy for over 5 years which helped me have an understanding of what its like to be a client (although every therapy experience is unique). I have offered psychotherapy and counselling to clients from my private practice since 2011. I also take referrals from insurance company and NHS (IAPT) services. I have previously worked in voluntary settings (Barnardos and Derby Women's Centre) and severe mental health.

Is psychotherapy for me?
Psychotherapy can help with a number of problems, including depression, anxiety, adapting to life changes, bereavement, relationship difficulties, abuse and trauma. It can also be valuable with our professional and personal development. Sometimes, people come to therapy not knowing what has brought them. They just feel that they are unfulfilled, unhappy or like they can't cope, for example. This is something I can support you with. Everyone is unique and I work with the person first, so don't worry if your 'problem' isn't mentioned here. We can talk through your experience and hopes when we meet.

What can I hope to achieve?
People find therapy beneficial for a number of reasons, including healing past hurts, raising awareness, managing symptoms, changing relationship patterns and building hope for the future. My clients have a variety of outcomes they measure success by. We will discuss this during assessment and during your therapy. I often think of a successful therapy as one in which our relationships with ourselves is improved.
There are no guarantees we will feel 100% better. Nor a magic cure for our emotional problems. However, if we contract to work together I will commit to supporting and challenging you on your journey. We will also review the work regularly- usually after 4-8 weeks and then about every 3 months.
The outcomes are also dictated by the length of your therapy. I offer short, medium and long term work (6 sessions, 20 sessions and 2+ years for instance) and we will discuss your hopes and treatment plan when we meet.

I have a specialism in trauma and am trained in EMDR.

My approach
It is hard to describe exactly what its like coming to therapy and how I work, but I will try to share some aspects here that I wished I had known when I started my own therapy journey. My model integrates a number of recognised and researched theories that see our adult selves as formed through childhood experiences and later traumatic events. I use psycho-education and neuroscience research to share some of my understanding of how this happens, along with a relational approach tailored to your treatment plan.  I work with the person, not the problem and we can carefully unpick what is bringing you to therapy when we meet.
When the going gets tough:
· For therapy to be successful, we may need to confront feelings and parts of ourselves we find difficult to recognise. This can be stressful although we aim to contain the feelings within sessions. After all, we may be exploring difficult thoughts and feelings. I will support you by offering a safe, calm, contained space, a supportive presence and my expertise.
· The therapeutic relationship can at times remind us of outside relationships- which makes sense if you think about it as we bring our expectations from past relationships to the present ones. This provides us with an opportunity to really understand and change relationship patterns, but can mean there are times you find it hard to come.
It is always wise to attend during these patches should they happen (and they don't always). If you don't come, the feelings will often continue, but outside the room, or they may simply just be put away only to pop back up later, providing less opportunity for learning and resolution. This is also why contact between sessions is kept to a minimum.

I am bound by strict ethical codes (SPTI and UKCP) and registered under the Data Protection Act. I aim to keep your information confidential as possible. So how do I start?

If you would like to progress with psychotherapy, I would initially ask you to contact me. We can then arrange an assessment, taking part over 2 sessions. The aim of an assessment is for us to:

· Assess if we can work together

· Discuss what you would like to gain from therapy

· Ensure that therapy in this setting will be appropriate for you

· Agree goals

Each assessment session costs £50 and lasts an hour. Please bring cash to the initial assessment sessions. If after these 2 sessions we decide not to proceed, I will not charge you for the second session, and help you consider your options for support elsewhere. My practice has no dedicated waiting area so please arrive at the appointment time.


Psychotherapy sessions cost £50 weekly. Clinical supervision fees are £52 per hour.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Weekday

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: I am based in Hilton; easily accessible from Nottingham, Derby and Staffs. I am on a local bus route. There is plenty of on-street parking nearby.


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