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Pippin’s Paws 4 Thought Counselling Service

  • 35 Grange Rd, Dungannon BT71 7EQ, UK.

About Pippin’s Paws 4 Thought Counselling Service

Have you got a child/teenager who has suddenly become very quiet and withdrawn?
Do they become angry or upset a lot often when things get on top of them?
Are you becoming increasingly worried about their health?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions then counselling might be of benefit to your child/teenager. I specialise in working with children and young adults and my passion is helping these children/teenagers to deal with the issues they may be facing in school and/or in their personal life enabling them to reach their full potential.
I am a National Counselling Society (NCS) registered counsellor based in Moy, Northern Ireland offering an approachable counselling service for both adults, teenagers and children. Here you will find a safe and confidential setting for you to start to address some of your difficulties without having to discuss them with your family or friends.       I also take pride in the fact I offer a service with no waiting lists.
I use a range of counselling approaches which might include considering the physical symptoms of the stress you are experiencing, retelling your story to get it into order in your own mind, identifying unhelpful thought patterns and looking at where these might have originated. We may try creative imagery and mindfulness techniques if you are open to working this way. I feel it is important to look holistically at every individual to help you to address your lifestyle and ways of thinking.We know what to do to stay physically healthy but may give little thought to how to maintain our mental health, this is where counselling can help. However, despite the counselling approach used at the beginning of therapy I focus a lot on the therapeutic relationship. I believe you will feel more comfortable to discuss your personal issues after this relationship has been developed as it focuses on using empathy, genuineness and a non-judgemental approach to help build your trust and respect.
I work with clients both in short term and longer term counselling. I am qualified in level 4 AIM Awards in Counselling Practice and have my Level 5 AIM Awards qualification in Counselling Research. Throughout my training I have held a huge interest in working with children and young adults as I have seen through my personal life how much pressure and stress is currently being placed on children by schools or families. It is very common for children not wishing to talk about these issues with their family or friends, therefore this stress can continue to build causing undue effects such as weight loss, lack of sleep, depression etc. Therefore it can be beneficial to have somebody neutral to discuss these issues with providing ways of dealing and coping with the issues.
I know myself through personal experience what it can take to sometimes make that first call – it can be nerve-racking where all kinds of thoughts will run through your mind such as ‘what is the point? This won’t work anyway, What if I don’t like the counsellor? Is this the right step for me?’ These thoughts are normal but it is well known we can’t be anxious about the past as this has already happened, we can be slightly anxious about the present but we will be more anxious about the future as this hasn’t happened yet. The idea of considering attending counselling means change which will cause anxiety – but be very sure it will be a step in the right direction! So please do feel comfortable to ring or even send me a text message on 07719862462.

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