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Silver Lining Counselling

Sheffield, Cornwall, S35 7BQ
Phone: 07462289060
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If you’re feeling depressed, stressed or burdened, you don’t have to suffer on
your own.
Many people feel this way. And bottling it up is rarely the best solution.

Many people get relief by being able to talk things through with an independent counsellor.

People come to me with a range of issues.
They include the following:
- Depression
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Panic attacks
- Bereavement
- Low self-esteem
- Work and relationship issues
- Couples counselling

I hold a Level 2,3 and 4 National Diplomas in Counselling.

I've been counselling people for a few years now. And because of that I have wide ranging experience of many difficult issues.

There are few situations that I haven't already encountered. So although your
own condition will be unique, it's likely that I talked this problem through with
other clients.

So I hope you'll find me sympathetic and supportive

I offer a safe and calm environment for you to talk about the issues that trouble
you and I will help you to understand the impact they have had on you, and how they may be preventing you from leading
a more satisfying life.

Our initial contact is to establish whether counselling is suitable for your needs, and to discuss how we might work together.

The cost for that initial consultation is free, and lasts up to 50 minutes.

This consultation will give you an opportunity to decide whether counselling is right for you and whether you’d like me to be your counsellor.
If you would like to undertaker counselling sessions with me, we will agree on times and dates that suit both of us.

How many sessions you will need will depend on the nature of your concerns.
If you have a short term issue, this may only take a few weekly sessions. But
issues that stretch back to childhood may require months..

I offer online, face to face, in house and workplace counselling. Provided in a safe and friendly environment. Complete confidentiality ensured. I am located in Thurgoland therefore I am able to travel for In House Counselling around 10 miles.


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