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Daybreak Counselling Sheffield

Daybreak Counselling Sheffield

  • Eyre Lane, Sheffield, Cornwall S1 3GF.

About Daybreak Counselling Sheffield

Welcome to Daybreak Counselling and Supervision.

You may be looking for a space where you can feel safe, accepted and free to talk about whatever comes up in you at any given moment. You may not be sure what you are looking for. It can be difficult to make the first steps and find what suits you. I imagine you’ve come a long way to get to this point.

With me you will encounter warmth, acceptance and authenticity.

The counselling relationship facilitates movement and release, connection and acceptance.

I may share with you knowledge that may seem appropriate to what you are bringing, which you can choose to use as you will. I am open and active in the counselling relationship and I find I have a genuine interest in and a warm regard for each client who comes to me.

In my work with couples and with relationships of any kind I offer equal empathy and regard to each person, interested in understanding what each person is telling me. This helps empathy and understanding to develop between clients and releases stuckness and discord in relationships.

I have experience of working with many issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, trauma, abuse, relationship issues, unwanted patterns of behaviour and much more. Some people have been given diagnoses like borderline personality disorder etc, which they may or may not find helpful, but it is important to me to work with you as a whole person and support you in whatever way you want to work with such diagnoses, if at all.

I offer Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists as well as anyone in a helping or caring profession. It is important to me to be with you where you are and let you lead the session. I try to be fully accepting of whatever you bring in the room, for you to feel safe to explore every possibility, to be able to say whatever you need. I want to be in an equal place with you in looking at all implications of any given scenario.

I trained in Person Centred Creative Supervision in which some creative methods like chair work or stones can be used to get in touch with aspects of what is going on in our work which are not so easily accessible with face to face talking. This is only used if you feel comfortable with it.

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