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Henry Maguire

  • CW12AP.

About Henry Maguire


“Words really aren’t enough but I’ll give it a whirl ! You have helped me to find myself and to start building an amazing new life for myself.Thank you so very much! I will never forget the impact you have had on my life. Truely, Thank You.” N-U-L

” thank you just doesn’t seem enough, to express what the sessions with you has done for me” Crewe

“I smile a lot these days, I am in a really good place thanks to you” Crewe

” The time, patience, understanding and listening over the past year has been so very valuable to me” Nantwich

” Life is no longer bleak and dark but if those times arise, I now handle them in a way I never have before so, thank you, thank you, thank you” Crewe

“It gave me a lot of things to think about and I made some decisions that turned my life around..thanks so, so much ” Winsford

“thank you for always listening” Crewe

” the skills you have taught me are life long skills that I put into practice everyday and for that I am eternally grateful” Nantwich

“got a lot of self-worth now Henry, no guilty feelings” Winsford

“thank you for your calm and gentle nature” Stoke

“thank you for your compassion and deep respect, and your quiet thoughtfulness” Northwich

“thank you for your wisdom and insightfulness. You have taught me that I should find trust from within myself and be fine with that” Nantwich

” thank you for accepting me for me” Nantwich

“I cant explain what has happened to me, the only thing I can say is that it feels like something magical has happened.” Crewe

“Henry helped me to find myself and made me a better person than I was before my counselling”.Stoke

“Henry was fantastic. His manner put me at ease, his understanding stopped me feeling alone, his skills as a counsellor challenged my negative thinking and habits. He made me feel understood and empowered me to move forwards and to feel strong. Thank you Henry !” N-U-L

“Henry is incredibly easy to get on with, very relaxing persona and he is very easy to trust and confide in.” Crewe

“Sincere thanks and best wishes – I genuinely could not have got as far as quickly without your help.” Crewe

“Helped me figure out who I am and start being that person, to accept my vulnerability and imperfections, to know that I am enough.” N-U-L

“Gave me the forum to be completely open and honest about issues of concern without fear of causing upset/worrying others”. Crewe

Counselling & Hypnotherapy.
Sometimes the thought of contacting a therapist can be very nerve racking; most people are a little anxious and find it difficult to make the first call or send an email but let me assure you there is no need to be anxious. You will receive a very warm and caring response from me.

I know by the time people call they are often distressed. I will do my best to make the first time you contact me a comfortable experience. I am are fully aware of the issues that people face and I approach all our client’s dilemmas in a truly non-judgmental and professional manner.

During our first meeting we will explore the situation at your own pace and I will give you the space and time to explain what has lead you make contact. The aim is to increase your understanding and help you explore options you may not have considered, and different ways of coping with and resolving issues.

Counselling is a very personal process and it is important to acknowledge that there will be times during your therapy were it is necessary to talk about painful feelings and difficult decisions. However, whatever you say in the counselling session is confidential (subject to legal and ethical exceptions, and the fact that a therapist will be in supervision) and I will offer guidance and support to help you through this process.
Using our techniques together with Hypnotherapy and Counselling, we will work together to get you to a much better and happier mental state.

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