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Butterfly Counselling and Psychotherapy

Butterfly Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • 1 Minster Place, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4EL.

About Butterfly Counselling and Psychotherapy

As a therapist I provide a caring and safe place to help you explore your life pain and difficulties. Confidential, professional, non-judgemental support in a space where you will be respected, listened to and importantly heard. The sessions are a time for you to be able to re-evaluate and freely share with me what maybe causing you distress. Helping you transform and grow with knowledge, insight, solutions, choices and freedom from the weight of life problems.

I understand how life difficulties can be isolating and unhappy experiences. You may feel persistently emotionally troubled and have nowhere to turn; have a feeling of emptiness or numbness, lack of meaning, struggle to say ‘no’ to others or feel guilt when you have done nothing wrong, have depression or chronic anxiety and restlessness.  Maybe you have difficulties with relating to others, either personally or in your working life. You may not ‘feel’ or be living your entitlement to a better life. Perhaps you have been told that you are ‘too sensitive’ or maybe you feel deeply misunderstood, feel shame and or strongly criticise yourself. Perhaps you have unpredictable mood swings, are sensitive to criticism and feel rejected by others or perhaps emotionally over-react to situations. Maybe you are repeatedly drawn to the same type of partner/ relationship over and over whilst not having your own needs attended to.

Do you experience Self sabotaging behaviours?  have suicidal thoughts, self harm? Feel isolated and alienated by others? Perhaps you are finding it hard to come to terms with a life changing experience, for example bereavement, divorce, separation or occupation loss. You may have concerns about your emotional life or feel frustrated and unfulfilled. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to cope with other losses and suffer from deprivations from your past; or with difficult, perhaps abusive, relationships.

How can Psychotherapy and Counselling help?

I will work with you to create deep and lasting change by addressing your core ‘internal’ emotional roots that cause the surface ‘external’ problems.  Gaining insight into the underlying reasons for your difficulties, exploring painful feelings, will help you to discover more positive ways of coping in the future. Often emotional pain has roots in developmental and attachment injuries from our childhood.  My work and training has allowed me to gain invaluable skills in dealing with unresolved emotional pain and childhood issues, which can lead to many later relationships issues and wellbeing problems. Counselling cannot change the past but it can serve as wisdom to provide you with a better present and future. I will share my knowledge with you and along this transforming journey help you discover your creative energy, meaning in life with deepened self awareness, self-confidence, aliveness and capacity for pleasure.

Whatever your reason for considering counselling and psychotherapy, it can be an amazing experience that helps you move forward to where you would like to be in life. I understand that taking the first steps to looking after yourself and entering into counselling is not easy. Finding the right therapist for ‘you’ is so important; you should feel a sense of trust, rapport and be able to communicate with your therapist.  The therapeutic relationship is of the uppermost importance to me and I therefore offer a free 30 minute consultation (either face to face or over the telephone) to help you find out if you feel comfortable with me, share what troubles you, ask questions and explore how therapy can work for you.

I provide integrative psychotherapy and counselling for adults, couples and young people. I have experience across a range of issues (listed below) and specialise in working with the disruption and pain of relationship failure. We affect each other and are affected by each other; this butterfly effect means that each action causes re-action and each emotion has an impact on the other. I have my own private practice (Butterfly Counselling and Psychotherapy) and have previously worked for the National Health Service and for two different counselling charity organisations.

Relationship issues
Affairs and Betrayal
Unresolved Childhood issues
Separation and Divorce
Developmental Trauma
Sexual Abuse
Borderline Personality Disorder/ Emotional Intensity Disorder
Relational / family issues
Sleep issues
Self Harm
Difficulty Expressing or Managing feelings
Anger and anxiety
Suicidal thoughts
Sexuality and gender issues
Feeling ‘stuck’ and looking for direction
Support through a life difficulty

My private practice is located in easy reach of Fordham, Ely, Soham, Isleham, Burwell, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Mildenhall and surrounding villages.

My Qualifications are as follows:

Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
Integrative Counselling FdA Degree

BA (hons) Integrative Psychotherapy/Counselling

Certificates in Couple Counselling

Certificate in working with trauma.

My Professional and Personal Development has included work with Mindfulness, Sand tray therapy, Spirituality, Nutrition, Spirituality and Art therapy, Diploma in Physiology and Anatomy. My education in these fields compliments integrative psychotherapy which frequently works with all of the dimensions of a person’s life.  The heart of this being that that ALL levels of a person’s being, their physical, psychological, spiritual aspects, their relationships and their environment are important and should not be overlooked.  Suppression and repression of our natural way of being (not living in a balanced way or having unfulfilled needs) can lead to many wellbeing issues.  My training in an integrative approach to psychotherapy allows me to draw from a range of theoretical models.

If you have ever felt ‘stuck’ in a talking therapy it may be worth exploring the alternatives that an integrative way of working can offer.  Sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the client which means I offer a variety of ways we can work together, to get the most out of therapy for you.  My influences are Psychodynamic, Jungian, Attachment theory, Object Relations, Humanistic developmental theories, Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy, Existentialism, Transactional Analysis and C.B.T.

I look forward to being with you.

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