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YS-Counselling Bristol

Bristol, BS2 8QU
Phone: 07463669293
Website Address: www.ys-counselling.co.uk
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Maybe you are considering therapy in a time of crisis, wanting to make sense of what is happening in your life, or perhaps you want to explore and improve your relationships? Whatever you choose to bring to the work, my aim is to help you gain more control and mastery over your life. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to put the past where it belongs and free themselves to be the person they were born and want to be

I integrate other skills and techniques in response to my client and individual needs. It is the working alliance and therapeutic relationship provided by the Person Centred approach that provides the trusting contact for the individual to safely explore their strategies and decisions about life. It is always a privilege for me to be present whilst an individual pursues their process into becoming who they are. Being experienced as a therapist and an individual who has pursued her own personal healing process, I provide a warm and compassionate approach that embraces both the unacknowledged wonder of an individual as well as the darker aspects of their experience. Growth is about embracing life and does not always have to be angst ridden and fearful!

At the core of working with you I place great importance on working collaboratively and understanding your style. I am always mindful that it is YOU who is the expert in your life  whether it is working in the here-and-now or examining and addressing past experiences and how they might affect you today.

Opening Times

Opening Times: Evening and morning spaces available.

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Based at Ujima House Wilder Street in St Pauls.


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Excellent service, would highly recommend Yasmin. I came to Counselling when things felt really chaotic for me. Yasmin provided a safe space to allow me to explore my concerns. I am now able to think more clearly and make better decisions moving forward.

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