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Resolved! Hypnotherapy

Resolved! Hypnotherapy

  • 63 Castle Street, Reading, Berkshire RG1 7SN.

About Resolved! Hypnotherapy


If you have a problem and would like to see it resolved then please consider giving me a call. I’m a UKCP registered psychotherapist who uses hypnotherapy and a blend of other approaches to help my clients make changes to their lives.

My philosophy is not to see a broken person full of weakness and misery. My clients are often too good at seeing themselves in this manner already. No, I see through all that to the person within, the person with all the strengths, qualities and positive attributes they need with which to succeed in achieving their goals.

You have everything you need and I can help you both to see this and to put your strengths to good use. The secret of my job is that my clients never really need to come and see me. That’s right, nobody who ever walks through my door has any real need to be there. When they see themselves for who they really are – and it’s my job to help them to do this – they achieve their goals and leave feeling happier in themselves than they have felt for years. My role, therefore, is to bring your strengths and resources to the fore, so that you can use them in resolving your issues and move on.

I have worked with conditions as diverse as tinnitus, IBS, depression, eating disorders, trichotillomania, OCD, anxiety, anger management and much, much more. If your emotional response to a problem is making things worse then hypnotherapy could help you.

Hypnotherapy is a perfectly natural state of consciousness. We all dip in an out of it during the day. The deepest level of hypnosis is rather like that point in the day when you’re about to fall asleep but aren’t quite there yet. There’s nothing magical, esoteric or mystical about it. When we’re in this state we’re more open to suggestion and our minds and memories are more open to fine-tuning.

When I was a child I learned that asking my parents for something was best done early in the morning, when they weren’t quite awake yet. They nearly always said ‘yes’. I was precocious, therefore, in making an early use of that hypnotic state.

I went for some counselling in my mid 30s and had hypnotherapy (for smoking) soon after. I decided to find and take a course which combined both of these disciplines. I’m now a UKCP registered psychotherapist trained primarily in the use of hypnosis. I came to this profession as a client and with plenty of scepticism. I was amazed at its efficacy and so here I am, a hypnotherapist myself. I truly love helping people to achieve their goals, just as I was once helped myself.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the very best for your future. I look forward to helping you to build it, a better one.


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