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Marie Krag, M.A. Psychotherapist/Counsellor,

Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7HE
Phone: 01628 632 683
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My work includes a variety of models and philosophies that I have studied and experienced through my own continuing education, my own personal therapy and life experience. I always attempt to fine tune my approach to each individual or couples I work with in order to get the best result for them.

Perhaps you have tried to talk out your problems with family or friends and it has helped at the time but still the problems and the pain and exhaustion they cause continue. It can help to have a safe, non-judgmental space to explore alternative ways of thinking and feeling. Perhaps the problems are not so well defined and you would just like to feel more alive, more energetic, more focused, or more fulfilment and satisfied with your life in general. Or perhaps you would like to attract more success, and better relationships. Dealing with these issues is all part of the process.

I view counselling process as having many different layers. As a foundation there is the unconditional support necessary to allow you to open up to revealing your fears and hopes and dreams of what could be and what you may wish to be. In life there are some situations we cannot change; we can only learn to live with them. However, even in such situations, there is usually a window, perhaps only a tiny one, that will enable us to look differently at a seemingly impossible situation.

In other situations, where there are more possibilities for change, what we believe about ourselves, other people and our world largely affect how happy and content we are in our daily life. I can help you to identify hidden strengths and abilities that you may not be conscious of and, most importantly, help you to identify and transform limiting beliefs that block your success and happiness.

This is what you might expect from examining and transforming those areas of your life that have not been working for you.

• Acceptance of the past without undue regret, resentment, feelings of rejection, flashbacks, or negative internal dialogue

• An ability to live in the present with a sense of calm, balance, and contentment. Feeling supported by life in general. Enjoying high levels of energy.

• An ability to view the future with excitement and confidence.


 M.A. Humanistic Psychology
 Minister Centre Diploma in Traditional and Humanistic Psychology
 British Hypnosis Research Centre Diploma
 NLP Practitioner
 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certificate
 Eating Disorders Certificate
 ThetaHealing Practitioner


Over 20 years working in the field, which includes, in addition to private practice, the following:

 Facilitating workshops for the mental health charity MIND and self- awareness groups for the Hendon Police Academy.

 Teaching counselling and psychotherapy Courses at the Central School for Counselling and Therapy, London

 Working with both groups and individuals in the alcohol and drug abuse field in various settings i.e., out-patient charity, ACCEPT, London, hospital, adult and youth residential facilities in the US.

Opening Times

Opening Times: flexible

Location Information

Location/Directions Info: Contact:

Tel: 01628 632 683

128 Aldebury Road
Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 7HE

Amble free parking on the street. Approximately 1.5 miles from town centre off the B4447 Cookham Road. There is transport links from the town centre, Windsor, Slough, High Wycombe and Reading


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