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Somerset Skies Therapies

Somerset Skies Therapies

  • Bath Road, Bridgwater, Somerset TA7 9AL.

About Somerset Skies Therapies

Mike Durant Dip Couns and Psych. , (MNCS (Acc); Dip Hyp, MHS

With a therapy room at his home in Edington, between Bridgwater and Street, Somerset, Mike provides Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives (Spiritual) Regression and Reiki Treatments and Training to clients throughout the Bridgwater and Somerset area.

He is a member of several professional bodies: National Counselling Society, the National Hypnotherapy Society and listed on their Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR). He is also a member of the UK Reiki Federation and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

He offers the following therapies:

– Counselling and Psychotherapy.
– Hypnotherapy.
– Past Life Regression.
– Life Between Lives (Spiritual) Regression.
– Reiki – Treatments and Training.

He provides caring, empathetic therapy for people suffering from various conditions. Here are just a few examples: anxiety or stress related issues, suffering phobias, needing help with anger management, recovering from grief and loss or wishing to stop smoking or needing help with weight problems. He also offers both Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapy, Reiki treatments and Reiki training.

Somerset Skies Therapies provides local people with a professional service and the available therapies enable clients to relax, giving them the necessary help to overcome the difficulties facing them and to create the life they want.

An overview of the therapies provided:

– Counselling and Psychotherapy: To help clients create the life that they want, overcome stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, relationship issues, etc.

– Hypnotherapy: Helps with all above, plus weight loss, stopping smoking, removing fears and phobias, obtaining pain relief, confidence building, defeating addictions and unwanted habits, etc.

– Past Life Regression: enables recalling buried memories from past lives thereby allowing problems or issues in the client’s current life to be resolved.

– Life Between Lives (Spiritual) Regression: uses deep hypnosis to guide a client beyond a past life, into their soul memories between lives and as a result be able to make major life decisions which help in coping with the pressures of modern life.

– Reiki: Balances the energy within the body, reducing stress and generally increases vitality and wellbeing physically emotionally and spiritually.

Mike also runs regular Reiki training courses from his home.

Somerset Skies Therapies has a steady flow of clients from around the Bridgwater, Sedgemoor, Mendip and West Somerset areas; details of these clients are all private as obviously confidentiality is paramount. However please feel free to visit the Somerset Skies website to view client testimonials.

Mike is available to see clients during normal weekday hours but can in some circumstances see clients out of hours. He will also, if appropriate consider making home visits.

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